Motivation in Pills

Do you want some easy tips about how to motivate yourself in everyday tasks? If yes, this is the right place for you.

As you read in the previous post, the main components of motivation is know where you are going and what kind of impact you want to have on your reality. Why do you want moving in that direction? Clarify your life! This said, there are many tips and habits that can help you to be more effective and efficiently motivated in doing your daily tasks. In this post you can find some efficient motivation methods.

List Your Tasks

For some strange reason our mind likes what is written. If we write our purpose, that would have a major impact that if we just store it in our mind.  Before starting your day take 1 minute to list your daily tasks. Write whatever you want to finish during the day on a paper and put an estimated time for complete each of the activity. And try to optimise it. If a task will take you more time than expected and you won’t have enough time to finish your list activities, give priority to the urgent ones. Every time you finish one of the tasks, mark it on the paper. And enjoy it!

Create a Goals Diary

You can even create a Diary in which you can write down your goals and daily tasks. Setting intelligent goals and achieving it will motivate you. Make your tasks:

specific: Be clear and specific in setting your task;

smart: If it is possible break a big task in many little ones. Finish the little tasks will make you feel moving throw your goal. It will also make appear the final achieving less difficult;

measurable: Make your goals set in a way that you can measure the progress on it;

timed: Put an expected time on your daily task;

Strategic Pauses

Have you ever read something about the Pomodoro technique. Is a well explained way to say something simple. Take breaks! If you are studying for hours during a day, could be useful focusing for many hours. But try to split your activity in session of 20-25 minutes.  You can take a pause of 2-3 minutes between one session and the other one. And this will give you the possibility to refresh your mind and get it ready for work again. In long tasks every 2-3 hours should be useful taking a longer pause, let’s say about 15-20 minutes.

Pleasant Activity

What do you like to do in your free time? When you are in one of your positive moment write down a list of things that you like doing and that make you feel motivated and energetic. Put this activities in different phases of your day some activity that you enjoy doing. Sometimes is nonsense continuing working on a task that it’s not moving. If you have the possibility, do something else. Something that you like, and that is able to refresh your mind and your enthusiasm. Put this moments in different times of the day. That will make you feel motivated to finish your tasks in order to enjoy your moment of pleasure.

Find a partner

Two is better than one. Sometimes is true. However that you are study, working or training yourself, doing it with others can be a possibility for be more efficient. A partner give you the possibility of watching things in a different way. Working with someone can encourage you to make always a step more in order to “win”, or at least to don’t be less of him. Competitiveness can make you do your best. So find a person who is at your level in the field in which you are interested in, and stretch your skills to the maximum level.

Learn from experience

There is nothing as music that give me a strong energy to go out in the streets, also when is raining and the cold wind blows, and start running. It give me the right tension for starting sports or physical activities. What kind of music give you energy or motivate you? Use it as a secret weapon. When you discover that some specific action or thought motivate you or put you in a good mood, write it somewhere and use it when you’ll need it. Whatever you can learn from yourself is worth more than any book or any external advice.

For today it’s all.

Thanks for reading, see you at the next post,


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