About the Blog and Me

Hello everyone. My name is Alberto.I study Economics at the University of Genova, Italy. I grew up in the sunny Tigullio Gulf (do you want to know where is it?).

Photo on 9-19-13 at 10.03 AM #4

Now, I find myself in the middle of an exchange-student experience, in Finland. And this brig us to the reason of why the starts of this blog.

Here I’m attending a course of Creative Writing, and a blog is a good idea (and also one of my assignment 🙂 )to keep practicing writing, applying what I’m studying.

The Smile of the Heart is a page about the study of feelings, emotions, leadership, motivation and human behaviours in general. If you are interested in this subjects you will find free articles in which I’ll share my passions with you.

I first get seriously interested in the study of “personal growth”, after buying my first self-help book: “Your Erroneous Zones” by Wayne Dyer.
It gave me a different prospective of life.
I learned things that no one had ever said to me.
Do you know when you find something that seems perfectly directed to you?
Well…it was for me.

This is why I love books. You can find and lost ourself during a reading. And this happen with other kinds of arts.
You and me should think about how lucky we are. We can access to every
information we want, comfortably from home, or just going to a library.

Ok, what else can I say?

I love music, sports, and as I said reading books. I also love exploring. You know, like following streets that you don’t know or an obscure path in a forest and see where it brings you. Many times I get lost…but is part of the game 🙂

Enjoy the blog, and please, feel free to give me feedback and comment.
I’ll give my best to you 🙂



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