Change your beliefs for a better life – Systematic doubts

nothing is right or wrong thinking makes it so – William Shakespeare 

Why so much importance on recognizing and if desired changing your belief’s system?

From what you believe you create your world, the way you act and respond to certain events. There is not a only way to direct your thought in order to govern your life.

Many can manage it instinctively. They decide what is better for them, and after that they can represent their world in order to help them to acheive what they want.

It is because in their lives they found proofs and confirmations throught experience or self-conditioning that they are able to do it. But what about if you think that your experience doesn’t help you to rise your self esteem?

This is why it is so important to understand what you believe. If you focus your efforts with a mindset of limiting beliefs also your effort and results will be limited.

As the good Shakespeare remind us,  how we see our life it is different from anybody else, and is the mind that create it.

Wouldn’t be great to get the most useful view of your world?

Think about something in which you believed in the past and you don’t believe anymore? What about Santa Claus? When I was a child I believed in Santa Claus. I started having doubts about him when I was ten. And then doubt after doubt I arrived to make him just fantasy of my mind.

The first way to make doubts in your beliefs is find proves that deny your statement.

Have you ever seen the Truman show?

In the movie, Truman, the main character, discovers that the world in which he has been living his own life was in some way fake. Everything happened in the same way. People new what to do, when to do it. All was so fake. He was surrounded by actors, and everything was always organised for him.

How can you know that your world is real. Is it actually? You just take the informations that you receive, and after giving your personal interpretation, you assess that things must be in that way.

Socrates, the gad fly of Athen, used to go around the city of Athen, asking people important questions about life. He is now considered one of the most important philosophers of the western world. Using the socratic method he inquired the  most intelligent persons of the city to go further in their assumptions. He finally discovered that, most of them, didn’t really know what they was speaking about.

So, are you ready ready to know the most powerful technique to change your beliefs?

Systematic doubt

Here first powerful “technique”:

Make doubts. Create the doubt in your mind. If you want to give less power to convictions that you don’t like, use your mind. Find all the times in which your assumption was “wrong”. Sail in your memory, and go further. If you don’t find it in recent times, go back when you were a young boy. Was you different?

Quest yourself. Is it true that you are in a certain way? Is it real the fact that people see you as you think? Ask yourself questions.

Make doubts in your mind about your negative beliefs. Almost everything that happens in the world is related to what you believe. In an article that I read, the author (who’s blog has many other interesting posts) made an example about gravity. You never even think about the gravity as something in which you believe and that affect your life. But you should be aware that you believe in gravity. And you are so convinced about it that you even don’t make question about it.

Be critical about your beliefs. Be critical and be a rebel about what you don’t want. Ask yourself questions, until you doesn’t distroy the negative kingdom that slowly grew up.

There are no better things than your mind to make your life the one you want. Nothing is always black or white. You can always see a different shade in it.

see you next week whit a new interesting post.
thanks for reading,


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